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Quality and environment leading good to better

QualitatsanspruchBeing a responsible global developer, manufacturer and supplier of chemical products, the Nippon Paint Automotive Europe Group has the ability to reach the highest standards of quality for consistent and ecological products, processes, service, environment and work safety by continuous improvement of the integrated quality and environment systems and to fulfill customer requirements sustainably.



Environment Protection in accordance with entrepreneurial activity

In accordance with the national, European and international legal and official requirements, the customer specifications and the industry-specific standards (ISO 9001, IATF 16949, VDA und ISO 14001) as well as the company politics and aims, we are striving for continuous improvement of customer satisfaction. During all these processes we are focused on innovation, quality, economy, safety and environment protection. All these components are equitable aims for our negotiations. Enabling continuous training for our employees as well as regularly internal and external audits ensure the above mentioned aims.


Highest priority – environment protection

The Nippon Paint Automotive Europe Group including all employees commit to environment protection with the aim to handle all necessary resources carefully and to avoid environmental pollution or rather minimize it to a minimum as well as ensure a high protection level for human health.

To enable chances, to identify risks and to offer innovative and economical solutions we conduct an open dialogue with our customers, our suppliers, the responsible authorities, neighbors as well as all other third parties with the help of a high degree of flexibility.



The Nippon Paint Automotive Europe GmbH is certified by IATF 16949 (including DIN EN ISO 9001) as well as DIN EN ISO 14001 (environmental norm).

Nippon Paint Automotive (France) SAS is certified by IATF 16929 and DIN EN ISO 9001.


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DIN EN ISO 14001

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IATF 16949

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